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March 12 2024

3 new papers published!

Overvliet, K. E., Postma, A., & Röder, B. (2024). Child development and the role of visual experience in the use of spatial and non-spatial features in haptic object perception. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 242, 105885.

Stroh, A.L., Overvliet, K.E., Zierul, B., Rösler, F., & Röder, B. (2024). Motor adaptation in deaf and hearing native signers. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, in press.

Hasenack, B., Meijer, L. L., van Harmelen, A., Overvliet, K. E., & Keizer, A. (2023). Longing for touch post-COVID-19: Current observations and future directions. Scientific Reports, 13(1), 1–6.


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